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I know you must be wondering who's behind all of these BOMB skincare products...Heyyyyy! *Awkward Wave* lol My Name is Kareona Cooper and most of you know me as Kaymarie or Kay. I'm 22yrs young and im a Selftaught Makeup Artist located in Springfield, Ma. I've been a selftaught makeup artist for 5yrs now and have been taking clients for about 3yrs. I offer Longwear makeup services ranging from $40-$100. As a makeup artist i know how important it is to have healthy skin and how makeup can affect your skin overtime. Just like when i started makeup i had no clue what i was doing. I didn't even have a skincare routine. 5yrs ago I was dealing with alottt of hyperpigmentation/dark shadows, scarring, acne/breakouts, oily skin, very textured skin and discoloration. Was I confident in my skin? ABSOULETY NOT!! i always felt anxious and embarrassed walking out the house without makeup on, I barely took selfies etc. I tried numerous store products and they would work but would end up causing reactions the more i used them. I started my own research throughout the years and decided to make my own skincare products that would would work for my skin and wont have any harsh or hidden ingredients. Of course there were alot of trial and errors and breakouts resulted from them but with time I found my own mixtures that WORKED! and ever since my skin has been glowing and healing like no tomorrow.

For about 3yrs now I've wanted to start my own cosmetics line. Glitter, Eyeshadow Palettes, Lashes everything! The beginning of 2020 my boyfriend invested money into me to start my new business. I did not have intentions on selling skincare products, just glitter and lashes etc until I came across a small black owned business on my Facebook friends page. Its called "Shandoll's Boutique" also located in Springfield, Ma. She sells homemade jewelry, accessories, and natural/organic skincare. This inspired me to sell my skincare products as well and create more. I launched Komorebi Kosmetics (co-moe-rebE) June 1st 2020 and currently sell vegan skincare products including multiuse oils, body & lip scrubs, body butters, lipglosses and lip oils. Cruelty-free beauty/cosmetic accessories such as Defense keychains with puff balls and lip products, Makeup brushes, Non-toxic glitters, Pouches, Lashes etc.! My skincare products are all made to target everyone's unique skin conditions including hyperpigmentation, eczema etc. All scrubs and oils help cleanse and unclog pores, detox and restore the skin, hydrate and moisturize, remove dead skin cells, rid the skin of impurities. There's a lot more that I have in store for you all and I sincerely appreciate everyone's continuous support and for believing in my dreams!! Thank you for taking the time to read and for visiting my site as well! 

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