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Frequently asked questions

What do you sell?

Komorebi Kosmetics offers a variety of homemade all natrual & organic skincare products such as Body scrubs, facial cleansers and toners. We also sell Cruelty-Free Kosmetics such as non-toxic glitter and mink lashes.

Do you have anything for acne?

Yes! All of our products have antiimflammatory properties which help with treating acne and preventing acne causing bacteria. We do recommend our Tranquility Collection and our KingsToo Acne Oil Cleanser. We do also suggest frequently changing your pillow case, cleaning your cellular device and case as well as washing/cleansing your face twice daily.

Do you only ship orders?

No, We also offer curbside pick ups. You must contact me to set up a pick up and please wear a mask when you arrive!

Are your products only for adults?

Our products are made safe for ages 3 & up! We do highly recommend always testing out a product prior to doing a whole routine with it.

Are you looking for brand ambassadors?

Yes, I will be reaching out to people that i have in mind for 2021, after they have been contacted i will make a post for applications. This is not a paid oppourtunity.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are homemade with all natural and organic ingridients.

Do you offer international shipping?

Unfortunately not at the moment, please stay tuned for updates.

Do you offer wholesale?

Unfortunately not at the moment.

Why is my face breaking out?

Although our products are formulated to not cause breakouts or reactions, your skin may be going through purging or suffering from breakouts. I will explain the two to help you understand the difference between the two. It may also simply be due to your skin adjusting to new ingredients/products or you can be sensitive/allergic to the product. We always suggest doing a test patch prior to doing a full routine. Skin purging is actually good for your skin! While your skin is purging is a detox of the skin. it is simply getting rid of all the harmful toxins and impurities. Our products are formulated to rid the skin from dead skin cells, built up oil, bacteria and dirt. This may lead to breakouts known as 'purging". Most often it will just be tiny bumps that may be sensitive to touch or whiteheads and blackheads. Skin purging may last from a few weeks to a few months. Avoid harsh chemicals and exfoliants and avoid popping or picking at any pimples. Breakouts on the otherhand, are toxins stuck in your skin that are causing acne and blackheads or clogged pores. It can also be caused by allergic reactions to an ingredient.